Hey there!

I'm Polyzium, often called just Poly. An amateur programmer and 3D designer. I make stuff (or at least try to) that is special, mostly I do this for my own pleasure.

Stuff I've done

Melodious - a self hosted Discord alternative
Nintendo Gigabit Switch Enhanced - because why not (download link soon)


If you're in Virtual Academy Discord server and are looking for (now erased) computer science lectures, you'll find them in the links below:
#1: (C #1) Introduction to the C programming language
#2: (C #2) scanf() function
#3: (Py #1) Creating a Discord bot


I'm available on:
IRC: polyzium@chat.freenode.net
Steam: Profile link
XMPP: polyzium@neko.im OR polyzium@xmpp.thehellverse.tk
Mumble: m.haxed.net (sometimes)

(C) Polyzium 2019